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For Computer Support, IT consulting, Disaster Recovery, Application Hosting to Hosting Server Management We, Technotrick Systems (P) Ltd. are always ready to assist you any time at any cost. Our support system provides IT support services to organizations across the globe. All of our IT Support plans are customized to satisfy your needs so that you can worry less about IT and spend more time running your business. With this service, all of our managed services customers benefit from immediate, nationwide onsite response in case of any server or network outages.

From hardware to software and online services, TTS would be able to offer you complete coverage for all your technical needs. However, support is available for all major software services, email platforms, domain, hosting-server whatever type it may be.

One of the most common uses for the TTS is for virus removal and protection. The customer support representatives will help you eliminate viruses and install protected software.

Pricing Structure :

TTS Support System is not based on how much the services cost, but on how flexible and accommodating the services are with their pricing structures. We look for plans that have one-time uses as well as yearly contracts that will allow you to access the customer support options at any time.

Support Option :

In this section we rate and review the different ways and times you can receive support from us. We look for around-the-clock services that are offered all year long. We also look for support services with chat, telephone support, email and remote computer access. Usually, the best and most successful way to receive support is by remote access, where a customer service representative will access your computer and fix whatever problems might arise rather than attempting to talk you through it.

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